About the photographer

Meet Richard

One of my father’s hobbies is photography and I wish I can say that’s where I picked it up. I didn’t know he was into it until after I started shooting for fun. It wasn’t until 2009 that it had peaked my interest when I learnt that capturing emotions is what I would like to do. And there’s no other events like weddings where emotions are so expressive. Therefore I’ve been shooting professionally since 2010.

I also shoot boudoir over at Lust Photo, but it’s not your typical boudoir theme. It’s more honest, more natural. This project keeps my creative mind going.

I invite you to allow me to capture your big day. I invite you to share your stories, dreams and new journey with me. I’m interested in how you interact with the surroundings, without me intervening. Of course I will sometimes guide you on how to pose to get the most out of the picture, but I’m more interested about bringing out the emotions and memories of your wedding day. I want you to feel those same feelings when you look back at your photos. And that’s how it should be.

Richard Pham